Where words fail,
music speaks
— Hans Christian Andersen

About me

My name is Lana Sokolov. I'm a vocalist, composer, music therapist and a song-leader from Galilee, Israel.

I've been vigorously active in the Israeli, Russian and US music scene for the last 22 years.

I got classical music training with an M.A in Choral Conducting from Russia.

I followed this up by getting extensively involved in the World Music and Jazz scenes in NYC.

I've always maintained a professional musical career: from singing and writing to performing with original songs in Russian, Hebrew, Spanish and English . Also, I can proudly say that I’ve recorded original albums in Hebrew "Candies Every Day" for kids, Russian Album "Red Sea", and produced original projects – "Folktale – Jazz Ethnic Journey" and "Jewish Love Songs" (recorded in NY, 2012)

I’ve performed with great jazz musicians- Igor Nadejdin, Billy Harper, Janice Friedman, Ray Parker, Amoz Hoffman, Ofer Ganor, Andrey Kondakov, Kyoko Oybee and many others.

That said, after a very long journey I now understand that through discovering my individual voice as an independent artist and singer/composer and by collaborating with my soul mates-musicians, I’ll be able to present my new Program and Album “ Impressions “.


My experience with Lana Sokolov began with helping her prepare a new program for a concert in New York. I found her to be a most extraordinary musician. As a young girl she had an unusual and fortunate experience. She grew up in Uzbekistan at a time when the great teachers from the Music Academies in St. Petersburg and Moscow were fleeing Russia. They came to Uzbekistan where they formed their own Academy of Music. It was here that she received training in voice, choral writing and conducting, sight-singing and piano. She had discovered jazz through recordings and performed often with fellow students in jazz programs, which was unique at the time. She later moved to Israel when immigrants from many countries were flowing in. After 3 years living and working as musician in NYC she came back to Israel. Combining different languages and telling her own unusual story of Life, she wrote original songs, created, produced and recorded a new-brand program "Impressions " accompanied by jazz musicians with strings “

Ann Philips, Composer, Singer, Arranger Faculty NYU Jazz Dept

Writer/Producer “Bending towards the Light … A Jazz Nativity”


לאנה סוקולוב וביתה, הופיעו בפנתרה בספונטניות באחד הערבים שקיימנו לקהלהמנויות ואורחיהן

קשה לתאר במילים את החדווה, האור והמתיקות ששפעו לקהל, דרך המוסיקה והקסם של אם וביתה בהרמוניה מושלמת.

ללא רק המוסיקה הנפלאה, הקולות, ההרמוניה – אלא החיבור הבין-דורי המרגש בין אם ובת.

ממליצה בחום.


Limor Dahan


VP Content & Founder

Email: limor@pantherapro.com