Where words fail,
music speaks
— Hans Christian Andersen
Photo by Carmel Skutelsky

Photo by Carmel Skutelsky


My experience with Lana Sokolov began with helping her prepare a new program for a concert in New York. I found her to be a most extraordinary musician.

As a young girl she had an unusual and fortunate experience.

She grew up in Uzbekistan at a time when the great teachers from the Music Academies in St. Petersburg and Moscow were fleeing Russia.

They came to Uzbekistan where they formed their own Academy of Music. It was here that she received training in voice, choral writing and conducting, sight-singing and piano.

She had discovered jazz through recordings and performed often with fellow students in jazz programs, which was unique at the time.

She later moved to Israel when immigrants from many countries were flowing in. After 3 years living and working as musician in NYC she came back to Israel.

Combining different languages and telling her own unusual story of Life, she wrote original songs, created, produced and recorded a new-brand program "Impressions "

accompanied by jazz musicians with strings “

Ann Philips, Composer, Singer, Arranger Faculty NYU Jazz Dept

Writer/Producer “Bending towards the Light … A Jazz Nativity”


On October 11, 2011 the Ryder branch of the Brooklyn Public Library hosted

a concert Let’s Talk About Love” performed by singer/composer Lana Sokolov and

accompanied by New York’s finest musicians – Ray Parker (Upright Bass)

and Ofer Ganor (Guitar).

Lana is a talented Russian/Israeli musician, who developed her own style

inspired by world and jazz music. Lana gathered love songs from different countries

in many languages, based on her experience by traveling around the world, and she

has built a repertoire that combines a reflection of native traditions and modern

achievements of music and jazz improvisation. Original tunes written by Lana have

shown her gentle individuality and having an effect similar to music therapy: they are

relaxing and calm.

We believe that this program was beneficial to the community of immigrants, as well

as the Americans born in this country

We look forward to working with Lana in the future, and are confident that any

project involving her would be beneficial to the library and the community.

Liana Alaverdova

Brooklyn Public Library